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Pathways Community HUB Institute® announces certifications

The Pathways Community HUB Institute (PCHI®) – a national nonprofit that has developed a transformative care coordination model that helps communities work together to support their under-resourced populations – is pleased to announce it has nationally certified several entities who are successfully working to address health equity across multiple sectors. The certification program was established in 2013 to ensure fidelity to the PCHI® Model. The Model is a community-based care coordination framework using a value-based payment methodology that brings together community organizations and services to identify individuals with modifiable risk factors – medical, social and behavioral – and connect them to services, track outcomes, and contract with payers that directly tie payment back to those outcomes.

Currently, PCHI offers four certification areas: Pathways Community HUB, Pathways Agency, Technology Vendor and Community Health Worker Instructor. Each certification has varying requirements that must be achieved in order to reach certification status.

PCHI is pleased to share in its most recent certification cycle – Summer 2022 - the following organizations have achieved certification status:

Initial Certification Level 1 – Pathways Community HUB

Community Health Worker Instructor Certification

· DeShawn Jackson, BA, C-CHW - Toledo-Lucas County CareNet, affiliated with the Northwest Ohio Pathways HUB (Toledo, OH)

Transitional Certification for Pathways Community HUBs (PCHs)

“Congratulations to our certified entities and individuals for their dedication to health equity and ensuring those under-resourced residents are connected to health and well-being services that put them on a path to living life fully,” said Jan Ruma, President and CEO, Pathways Community HUB Institute. “At PCHI we believe that by working together we are making a difference by connecting people to the support, resources and services they need.”

To learn more about PCHI, the PCHI Model and its certification program, please visit:


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