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PCHI Model: A Blueprint for Community-Based Health and Social Care

In a recent JAMA Health Forum article, Stuart Butler, PhD , senior fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution, discussed the role health care organizations play in supporting community social service efforts. Within the article, Dr. Butler spotlighted the partnership between CommonSpirit and PCHI, characterizing it as an “intriguing example of how a community partnership can function and how competing health systems can collaborate in a “co-opetition” model for their common benefit.”


Through its innovative collaboration with PCHI, CommonSpirit is actively spearheading the implementation of the PCHI Model across six communities in states where it provides services. It’s the largest effort by a health system to champion the Model across multiple states and cities at one time.  The PCHI Model introduces standardized processes, well-defined Pathways, and tracking of outcomes, serving as a comprehensive framework for communities to successfully adopt and implement. To learn more about the Model please visit the PCHI Model page.


To access the full JAMA article by Dr. Butler, please click here.


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