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The Pathways Community HUB Institute Model is one of the largest cohorts of standardized and outcome-based community care coordination initiatives in the country. As such, it has the potential to provide an important body of information for learning and public health improvement at local, state, and national levels. To achieve this potential, data standardization is imperative. Defining, tracking, and measuring data in the same way across PCHI Model implementations will provide information to reduce health disparities. Data standardization also sets the stage for data interoperability between community-based care coordination initiatives and their local health systems.

Technology vendors offer platforms that support community-based care coordination workflows. A PCHI Model Certification-Technology Vendor meets the PCHI Model requirements for:

  • Standardized Data Model.

  • Data and billing workflow standards.

  • Standardized reporting requirements for certification.

Technology vendors offering platforms that support community-based care coordination workflows are invited to become Certified PCHI Model Technology Vendors to support communities implementing the PCHI Model. If you are a technology vendor and want to learn about how you can become a PCHI Model Certified Technology Vendor contact us to start the process.

PCHI Technology Vendor Certification verifies that the Technology Vendors can support the PCHI Data Model. It is incumbent upon PCHs/PAs to conduct their own separate due diligence and evaluation of PCHI Certified Technology Vendors to meet their operating needs. PCHs/PAs must enter into a contractual agreement directly with the  PCHI Certified Technology Vendor they select. PCHI neither licenses software on behalf of any PCH/PA, nor endorses any specific  PCHI Certified Technology Vendor.

Technology Vendor

(PCHI® Model C-TV)

Pathways Community HUB Institute® Model Certification

Fully Certified Vendors

Provisionally Certified Vendors

Contracted, but not yet Provisionally Certified Vendors:

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