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Education & Training

Developed exclusively for those affiliated with a Pathways Community HUB or Pathways Agency in the PCHI Model Certification process, the PCHI training programs deliver educational competencies paralleled to community health worker/care coordinator standards as required as part of achieving and maintaining PCHI Model Certification. Our experienced instructional team teaches essential care coordination skills within the context of the Pathways Community HUB Institute Model and uses true-to-life case studies and education that challenges trainees to develop problem-solving skills related to care coordination. Courses can be completed virtually through the Blackboard-PCHI learning platform, in person, or in a hybrid format.

​Note: PCHI hosts numerous trainings throughout the calendar year. There is a 15 student minimum for each
course. PCHI has the right to postpone your registration to a different course if there is not a proper quorum.


PCHI Model
Training/Trainer Renewal


Community Health Worker Training


Aligning with CLAS Standards Training for PCH/PA Leadership

First 2 staff free,
$500 for Model
$750 Model Trainer

PCHI Model Care Coordination Training/Trainer Program for PCH/PA Staff


PCHI Model Training for CHWs/Supervisors


Aligning with CLAS Standards Training for CHWs/Supervisors


Body Systems for CHWs/Supervisors

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