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PCH & PA Annual Certification Fees 2024





Very Large











PCH & PA Application Fee $750 (one-time fee)

PA Annual Fee: $1,000

Pathways Community HUB Institute® Model Certification Program

The Pathways Community HUB Institute® was founded to further the PCHI® Model of community-based care coordination to advance health equity.  Foundational to implementing this mission is the PCHI® Model Certification Program that supports communities to implement the Model with fidelity. 

The PCHI certification program ensures adherence to the comprehensive Pathways Community HUB Institute® Model resulting in addressing individually modifiable risk factors leading to improved health outcomes. The PCHI Model is informed by research, implementation, continuous quality improvement, and evaluation, designed to examine and document program effectiveness.

Value of PCHI Certification

The PCHI Model is one of the most developed models of community-based care coordination that exists. Payors and state governments recognize the value of PCHI Model certification and many require Pathways Community HUBs to be certified by PCHI in order to contract for outcome-based services. Communities indicate their commitment to creating health equity by committing to the rigor of PCHI Model Certification. PCHI only licenses the PCHI Model content to communities that are committed to implementing the PCHI Model to fidelity and are active in the national certification program. Communities with an active National PCHI Certification Agreement are members of the PCHI Health Equity Action Network (Network) and contribute to the PCHI National Quality Benchmark Report of care coordination outcomes.

PCHI Certification Standards

There are 7 Pathways Community HUB and 5 Pathways Agency National Certification Standards. PCHI® Model Certification Standards incorporate Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards to guide communities as they implement the Model. A nationally certified PCH improves health, reduces costs, and promotes health equity. The PCHI Model Certification Standards focus on the: Entity implementing the PCHI Model, PCH Network*, PCHI Model Care Coordination, Operations, Training, Community Advisory Council*, and Quality Improvement (* not applicable to Pathways Agency).

In addition to certifying Pathways Community HUBs and Pathways Agencies, PCHI also certifies Technology Vendors and PCHI CHW Instructors to support PCHI Model implementation. For more information or answers to your questions contact us.

Level I Certification Designation is granted when an entity demonstrates compliance with 90% or more of the certification requirements.

Level 1 Certification

Level II Certification Designation is granted when an entity demonstrates 100% compliance with the certification requirements.

Level 2 Certification

Levels of PCHI Model Certification

PCHI issues a PCHI Model Certificate and Seal based on the ERP’s recommendations.

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