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Ready to explore how the PCHI® Model can help improve health, reduce costs, and create health equity?

PCHI provides technical assistance and consulting services to assist communities and organizations that are implementing or want to adopt the PCHI Model. PCHI advises communities, agencies, health systems, payers, government and other types of organizations that aspire to achieve the benefits of the PCHI Model.

Collectively the PCHI Team has more than 125 years of experience as developers, implementors, funders, educators and advocates of the PCHI Model. Communities that contract with PCHI for technical assistance build better faster, benefiting from years of experience in PCHI Model development and implementation. Contracting for technical assistance from PCHI makes sure that you are aligned with any Prerequisites and Standards required to be certified in the PCHI Model. PCHI technical assistance providers do not participate in PCHI Model Certification decisions. That responsibility is delegated to an external Evaluation Review Panel.

Click here to contact PCHI for your technical assistance needs.

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