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Community Based. Outcomes Focused.

Welcome to the Pathways Community HUB Institute® (PCHI).


PCHI® was founded on a simple principle: achieve health equity. A more than 30-year journey has resulted in what is now known as the Pathways Community HUB Institute Model (PCHI® Model). The PCHI Model is helping communities across the United States to connect with and support their under-resourced residents – individuals that are often overlooked or have fallen through the cracks of an already fragmented health and social care system. We understand that for care coordination to be successful we need to focus on the whole person and work in partnership with multiple community stakeholders to align efforts to reach our common goal of good health for all.

PCHI exists to assist communities in creating a sustainable community-based care coordination network that identifies individuals with modifiable risk factors – medical, social, behavioral – and connect them to services, track outcomes, and contract with payers that directly tie payment to those outcomes. The PCHI Model provides the framework to build a robust, complete network of care that not only removes the barriers and improves systems but also reduces duplication of services and aligns payment with achieving positive outcomes. In other words, the PCHI Model is an accountability framework for communities to meet their specific health improvement goals.

This work is not easy. But PCHI is here because we’ve seen first-hand the impact that a community-designed care coordination network can have on individuals and their families. It means these individuals - once connected to routine health, wellness and social services – can lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. What started out in Mansfield, Ohio is now, nationally, in 35 communities and counting.


The communities that have committed to implement the PCHI Model are benefitting from turning the Model into action and measurable outcomes. While we offer our full support and resources all along the way, the only way change can truly happen is through ownership at the community level. In fact, we invite you to hear directly from the communities who are implementing the PCHI Model. Our website is designed to help you learn more about our work. Please contact us to explore how you can join us.


We are excited about the future. We are stronger by working together.


Yours in good health,

Sarah Redding, MD, MPH


Jan Ruma, MEd, CFRE

President & CEO

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