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PCHI® is a 'best practice' for innovative approach to community care coordination

The Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP) has designated the Pathways Community HUB Institute® as a 'best practice’ in the following areas: Service Coordination & Integration and Workforce Development & Leadership. AMCHP is a national advocacy group focused on promoting the health of women, children, youth, families and communities.

Since 2010, AMCHP’s Innovations Database is a searchable catalogue of effective practices grounded in practice-based evidence that positively impact maternal and child health. Initiatives are assessed by AMCHP along a practice continuum and receive a designation depending on the amount of evidence demonstrating their work’s impact and outcomes.

AMCHP recognized PCHI for its innovative PCHI Model –a nationally certified approach that assists communities in building a transformative and sustainable community-based care coordination network. The Model provides training and tools for CHWs – who are central to the Model - to identify risk factors and work with their clients towards eliminating those risks one by one. The PCHI Model provides the infrastructure to track risk factors from identification through mitigation and then link payment directly to outcomes.

“Pathways Community HUB Institute is honored to be recognized by AMCHP. PCHI is focused on whole community care coordination, and knows from first-hand experience that once individuals are connected to routine health, wellness and social services then they can lead healthier, more fulfilling lives,” said Jan Ruma, president and CEO, PCHI.

For more about PCHI’s AMCHP best practice designation, please click here.


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