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Pathways Community HUBs: Transforming Health and Access to Care

Pathways Community HUBs (PCHs) are making a profound impact on health outcomes and access to care for underserved residents. Through the implementation of the PCHI Model, these PCHs are providing resources and support to health and social services, driving health equity in their communities.


Central to the PCHI® Model are community health workers (CHWs), who connect directly with individuals, leading them on a path toward a healthier life. CHWs identify and open Pathways to address specific needs such as prenatal care, transportation, housing, employment, and medication literacy, just to name a few. They work closely with participants to successfully close these Pathways which leads to improved health outcomes and payment that’s tied back to those outcomes. CHWs work in the communities where they live, giving them a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and needs of their neighbors.


Across the U.S., PCHs are doing great work, but don’t just take our word for it! Check out these success stories from four PCHs in Texas (see end of post for PDFs):

  • Harris County Pathways Community HUB (Houston, TX)

  • Brazos Healthy Communities HUB (Brazos County, TX)

  • Grow Healthy Together Pathways Community HUB (San Antonio, TX)

  • Williamson County Pathways Community HUB (Williamson County, TX)


 The Texas PCHs are making a real difference, demonstrating the transformative power of collaboration when communities come together to improve the lives of all.


Harris County PCH
Download PDF • 403KB
Brazos County PCH
Download PDF • 1.10MB
Grow Healthy Together PCH
Download PDF • 299KB
Williamson County PCH
Download PDF • 360KB


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