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PCHI recognized as Approved CHW Training Program in Michigan

The Pathways Community HUB Institute® is pleased to announce it has been recognized by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) as an Approved Community Health Worker Training Program!

PCHI’s CHW training is specifically designed around implementing the PCHI® Model. Experienced instructors teach essential care coordination skills including the PCHI Model itself (21 Pathways, Visit and Progress Forms, research-based learning modules, etc.); history and roles of CHWs; communication and interpersonal skills; relationship building; problem solving skills; outreach, service coordination and navigation skills; and all other areas set by MDHHS.

“Congratulations to our entire PCHI training team and certified CHW instructors for their leadership and expertise. CHWs are central to care coordination and to the PCHI Model. They are the front line in assisting under-resourced residents and connecting them to health and social services that will lead to them living a more healthy and stable life,” said Jan Ruma, PCHI President and CEO. “At PCHI we are honored to work alongside MDHHS in advancing health equity.”

Mary Martell, PCHI Education and Training Director, added, “Being recognized as an Approved CHW Training Program in Michigan is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our team. Our CHW training is not just about imparting knowledge but empowering individuals to make a real difference in their communities. We're proud to be part of a movement that's improving health outcomes and promoting equity for all."

PCHI Founder Sarah Redding, MD, MPH and Senior Training Consultant Anne Seifert, MEd were the developers of the CHW training program in 2020. Since then, the program has trained nearly 400 CHWs working with PCHI Pathways Community HUBs throughout the U.S.


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