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PCHI Model cited as a best practice for its sustainable braided funding approach

The Better Care Play Book - an online resource managed by the Center for Healthcare Strategies and dedicated to evidence-based practices and research - recently published a new blog post discussing the crucial role that community health workers play in supporting diverse populations with complex needs.

PCHI is honor that its PCHI Model was cited as an exemplary approach to how communities can financially sustain the work of CHWs. The PCHI Model employs a braided funding approach where community-managed Pathways Community HUBs (PCHs) – which serve as the central link for all monitoring and coordination activities, including CHWs, within the community. These PCHs collaborate with various stakeholders such as health plans, government agencies, grant providers, philanthropic organizations, and others to negotiate contracts directly linked to health outcomes. Through this approach, communities can secure sustainable funding for the Pathways Community HUB care coordination network and, consequently, CHWs within their community.

As the Play Book’s blog aptly states, “This allows the CHWs to address whatever issue is most pressing for a family, without concern for how their time is being paid for.”

To read the full post click here.


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