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Discover How the Pathways Community HUB Institute® innovates with Communities to Advance Health Equity

The Pathways Community HUB Institute® (PCHI) assists communities to advance health equity through the implementation of the PCHI® Model. This innovative Model serves as the framework for communities to build transformative and sustainable care coordination networks known as Pathways Community HUBs (PCHs). The PCHs develop infrastructure to support community health workers as they bridge the gap for under-resourced residents by connecting them with vital medical, social and behavioral resources, guiding them toward a healthier future.


To showcase the impact of the PCHI Model, we’ve created a dynamic, animated video that provides insight into how the Model operates within communities, how outcomes are achieved, and how payment is linked to those outcomes.

To watch the video, please click here to access it via the PCHI YouTube Channel.


We're proud to share that the PCHI Model is currently making a difference in nearly half of all states! If you're interested in learning more about how the PCHI Model can benefit your community or how you can partner with PCHI, we invite you to contact us directly at or 419-740-0510 to schedule a meeting.


Join us in our mission to create healthier, more equitable communities.


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