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PCHI® Model address disparities, drives health equity

The Health Management Academy - a leading healthcare community with a focus on improving health for all - recently published a case study on the effectiveness of the PCHI® Model. The study highlights the key elements of the Model's framework, which provides communities with the infrastructure to successfully work together to advance health and wellness for its under-resourced residents. Central to the model are community health workers (CHWs) who use the PCHI Model's 21 Evidence-Based Pathways to identify and track participants’ health and social risk factors until they are addressed. Then those successful outcomes are tied back to payment. Included in the study is an example of how ProMedica addressed infant and maternal inequities by utilizing the PCHI Model as a care coordination agency of the Northwest Ohio Pathways HUB. Click on the PDF to access the full study!

FINAL_HEA PCHI Case Study (2)
Download PDF • 271KB



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