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NOTE:  If you completed PCHI Model Training and Teach-Back in September 2022, you do not need to retake the Program. Make sure you involve Mary Martell or Anne Seifert in your next training to complete the requirements and receive your PCHI Model Trainer-2023 Certificate.

May: Monday – Thursday, May 8 - 11, 2023; 12:30 – 4:30 PM (ET)

July/August: Monday – Thursday, July 31st - August 3rd, 2023; 12:30 – 4:30 PM (ET)
October: Tuesday - Friday, October 10th - 13th, 2023; 12:30 – 4:30 PM (ET)

2023 PCHI Model Training

PCHI is offering 3 sessions of the Pathways Community HUB Institute® Model Care Coordination Training/Trainer Programs at no cost for up to 2 staff members per PCH/PA for the Training/Trainer Programs scheduled for December 2022, February 2023, and May 2023; After these dates, or for more than 2 staff members, the tuition is $400 per person for the training and an additional $250 per person to become a Trainer. Please schedule prior to implementation of the updated PCHI Model.

For dates and registration please click here.

PCHI Model Training

The PCHI Model Training is a requirement for everyone affiliated with a Pathways Community HUB. This 20-hour virtual class available through the Blackboard-PCHI learning platform, focuses on the PCHI Model, including the 21 Standard Pathways, data collection forms, and Learning Modules. As part of the training process, participants can elect to teach parts of the Model and receive feedback (teach backs).  A PCHI Model knowledge check is also given at the end of the training. Participants who successfully complete the course, teach backs, and knowledge checks can receive a certificate authorizing them to train others affiliated with their Pathways Community HUB or Pathways Agency on the PCHI Model for one year.  Certificates are renewed with a refresher training.


$500 per student.

Annual Renewals

$100 per student.

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