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GrowHealthy Together Pathways Community HUB

GrowHealthy Together Pathways Community HUB

At Grow Healthy Together Pathways Community HUB, we help families connect to the resources they need and assist every step of the way.

Find: We work with community families to identify and address their needs.  We connect with families at home, church, community centers or anywhere they feel safe to connect.

Intervene: By asking a series of questions, we can quickly assess a persons needs and immediately conduct a search of community resources and programs through the online resource directory called the Community Health Bridge. We will quickly identify the right partner and track the progress of each referral through the end result.

Evaluate: Once we have successfully met a persons needs, our database stores the history of each connection as a complete. Our system tracks the progress of each effort and allows us to further support the needs of our community.  This information is also used to help us make quality improvements and offer system changes that can have significant good health impact for our community families.

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Bexar County

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