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The Pathways Community HUB Institute (PCHI®) is committed to developing quality educational professionals from within our Pathways Community HUBs (PCHs) and Pathways Agencies (PAs). Our certified instructors are trained to provide a standardized curriculum developed specifically for community health workers (CHWs) who are recognized as a vital part of the Pathways Community HUB Institute Model.​ The certified instructors are certified to provide the PCHI standardized Community Health Worker (CHW) curriculum in partnership with PCHI through a contractual agreement. 

Pathways Community HUB Institute® Model Certification

Community Health Worker Instructor

Steps to Certification

  1. Complete a baseline assessment of current instructional skills.

  2. Observe a PCHI Model CHW Training Program virtually and through recordings.

  3. Participate in the instructor’s program orientation and four sessions about program curriculum.

  4. Work with PCHI Education Specialists to set instructional goals.

  5. Demonstrate CHW course instruction using the standardized PCHI Model curriculum.

  6. Use self-evaluations and Educations Specialists’ feedback to meet instructional goals.

  7. Learn CHW Practicum guidance and instruction.

  8. Complete a final assessment of current instructional skills.

  9. Based upon a final approved teaching competency evaluation, two-year certification will be granted as a PCHI Model Certification - Community Health Worker Instructor.

Submit an application with a curriculum vitae to the PCHI Director of Education, Anne Seifert:

Submit an Application


$4,000 per instructor.

  • A standardized curriculum, built on years of experience with CHWs in the field, and national CHW education standards.  The curriculum has instructional delivery options of virtual, in-person, or hybrid approaches.  View CHW Core Training Competencies of the Pathways Community HUB and Pathways Agency Certification Process in the PCHI Model.

  • A teaching focus on health/medical and/or care coordination content, plus a thorough knowledge of the PCHI Model.

  • Enhancement of teaching skills that includes integration of human dimension goals and Mediated Learning Experience (MLE) approaches.

  • PCHI instructor materials provided through a virtual learning platform and classroom, including instructional guides, power points, videos, class activities and evaluation tools, and instructional/practice tools such as the PCHI® Model Pathways to Wellness Learning Modules.

  • Professional support, feedback, and instructional evaluation during the instructor training and following initial two-year period.

Two-Year Certification Status

The PCHI® Model certification status for CHW Instructors allows those that complete the program to teach exclusively through PCHI using the standardized CHW curriculum for 2 years. At least once every two years, PCHI Model Certified CHW Instructors will be expected to participate in a PCHI Model training program.

Every two years, renewal of PCHI Model Certification – CHW Instructor will be required and include a session on updated information, strategies, and tools.

Renewal Fee


$750 per instructor.

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