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Education & Training

To support implementation of the PCHI® Model, the Pathways Community HUB Institute sponsors education and training programs for Community Health Workers (CHWs), CHW Supervisors, and Administrators implementing Pathways Community HUBs and Pathways Agencies. Learn about each training program below or contact PCHI to discuss your training needs.

The PCHI CHW Training Program is not a cookie-cutter CHW program. Our niche is CHW training specifically designed to implement the PCHI Model. Students must be affiliated with a Pathways Community HUB or Pathways Agency in the PCHI Model Certification process. Competencies parallel community health worker/care coordinator standards required as part of achieving and maintaining PCHI Model Certification and align with The Community Health Worker Core Consensus (C3) Project . The standard competency areas include:

  • PCHI Model (20 hours) - 21 Pathways, Demographic, Visit and Progress Forms, and research-based Learning Modules 

  • CHW Profession, History & Roles (2 hours)

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills (8 hours)

  • Relationship-Building and Teaching (10 hours)

  • Outreach, Service Coordination, and Navigation Skills (6 hours)

  • Capacity-Building and Advocacy (4 hours)

  • Professional Skills and Conduct (12 hours)

  • Knowledge Base (18 hours) in Health and Social Service

Community Health Worker Training

The 80-hour class can be completed virtually through the Blackboard-PCHI learning platform, in person, or in a hybrid format. It is accompanied by an 80-hour community-based practice at a Care Coordination Agency (CCA).

Our experienced instructional team teaches essential care coordination skills within the context of the Pathways Community HUB Institute Model, using the updated 21 Pathways and newest Visit and Progress forms. PCHI uses true-to-life case studies and exclusive disease education, both in video format, that challenges trainees to develop problem-solving skills related to care coordination.  Students also complete an 80-hour practicum that can be completed on-the-job working for care coordination agency affiliated with a Pathways Community HUB. PCHI CHW graduates are more than ready to engage their participants and efficiently coordinate their health and social care using the PCHI Model.

The live, virtual, or hybrid program involves two components that typically occurs simultaneously:

  • Foundational Skills and Roles for the Community Health Worker (80 hours) addresses CHW core competencies in health, community resources, care coordination, advocacy, health education, lifespan development, and basic CHW skills.

  • CHW Practicum (community-based practical experience) includes 80 hours of care coordination experience under the guidance of a PCHI instructor and direct program supervisor at a PCH agency.


$3,000 per student.

To make the PCHI Model CHW Training Program more accessible and affordable to Pathways Community HUBs (PCHs), PCHI trains and certifies qualified educational professionals from within PCHs.  The certified instructors provide the PCHI standardized Community Health Worker (CHW) curriculum in partnership with PCHI through a contractual agreement. Learn more on the PCHI Model Certification-CHW Instructors page of this website.

Community Health Worker Instructor

The Pathways Community HUB Institute Model of care coordination focuses on improving health, advancing health equity, improving quality, and eliminating disparities. Consequently, it is vital to provide effective, equitable, understandable, and respectful quality services that are responsive to diverse cultural health beliefs and practices, preferred languages, health literacy, and other communication. PCHI offers training on the National Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards to apply to organizations. Interactive case presentations and discussion augment recordings and facilitate group sharing and learning. This Aligning with CLAS Standards training is available virtually through the Blackboard-PCHI learning platform. 

Aligning with CLAS Standards Training


$250 per student

The PCHI Model is successful when community health workers have effective and supportive supervision.  Staff responsible for providing supervision to CHWs implementing the PCHI Model have a unique and important role in the development and support of CHWs and quality management of program data collection.

Supervision competency areas include:

  • Monitoring CHW care coordination through the use of the 21 Pathways, Demographic, Visit, and Progress Forms.

  • Supporting and mentoring CHWs in their roles as advocates, teachers, facilitators, data collectors, health professionals, and role models.

  • Developing policies and procedures to support the unique care coordination roles of the CHW and to maintain their safety within the communities and homes where they serve.

  • Mediating differences between coworkers, programs, and participants.

  • Modeling relational and interpersonal skills, self-care skills, conflict resolution, and navigation skills.


The PCHI CHW Supervisor Training Program provides 20 hours of virtual or live training.

CHW Supervisor Training


$500 per student.

The PCHI Model Training is a requirement for everyone affiliated with a Pathways Community HUB. This 20-hour virtual class available through the Blackboard-PCHI learning platform, focuses on the PCHI Model, including the 21 Standard Pathways, data collection forms, and Learning Modules. As part of the training process, participants can elect to teach parts of the Model and receive feedback (teach backs).  A PCHI Model knowledge check is also given at the end of the training. Participants who successfully complete the course, teach backs, and knowledge checks can receive a certificate authorizing them to train others affiliated with their Pathways Community HUB or Pathways Agency on the PCHI Model for one year.  Certificates are renewed with a refresher training.

PCHI Model Training


$500 per student.

Annual Renewals

$100 per student.

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