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PCHI is recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3).

Support the Mission of PCHI®
to Achieve Health Equity.

A more than 30-year journey has resulted in what is now known as the Pathways Community HUB Institute® Model (PCHI Model). The PCHI Model is helping communities across the United States to connect with and support under-resourced residents – individuals that are often overlooked or have fallen through the cracks of an already fragmented health and social care system. We understand that for care coordination to be successful we need to focus on the whole person and work in partnership with multiple community stakeholders to align efforts to reach our common goal of good health for all.

PCHI accomplishes its mission to further the PCHI Model to achieve health equity through technical assistance, training, certification and research. Please consider supporting our mission with a donation that helps to offset the cost of training and certification for the communities we serve. Or invest in the PCHI Research Agenda through a donation to the Mark Redding, MD Research Fund in memory of PCHI’s beloved co-founder.

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